Folding Dockstep in massive teak with Stowage Bag


Measure precipitated: Height 55 cm, Width 46 cm, Depth 65 cm


Measure unfolded:      Height 55 cm, Width 46 cm, Depth 17 cm


Weight 15 kg


Adams Boat Care companionway ladder

Adams Boat Care companionway ladder is being glued together by means of numerous very thin pieces of teak for extra strongness. The steps have non slip rubber treads. Built-in dimming LED lighting will lit up the steps during the night.

Wine glass holder

Shipshape down to the last detail. Seamanship and order go hand in hand. Here are the plastic dividers exchanged for stylish teak wooden ones.

Wine glass rack

Wine glass holder

Spice rack

The captain wants a special holder for his instruments. Here he gets one in matching mahogany.

Mahogany vents, by far outclassing plastic vents

A custom rack for binoculars, even of odd size, and always in reach from the cockpit. 

Three drinks holder in teak

Modern reading lights have a smaller base than the original so the screw holes shade print show in the woodwork. We make pads to match your woodwork, much warmer than the steel plate they offer on the market.

Extra shelf with a high edge in the same nuance and style as existing woodwork 

Mood lighting

Folding cockpit table

The standard Hallberg Rassy 34 cockpit table from back in the 1990s was a cumbersome piece of equipment, hard to store away and it didn't fold at all and had a metal pipe and a massive foot. We have solved all this by inventing a table that simply folds the opposite way to contemporary HR tables - across. A table that folds up and down without interfering with the main sheet. It can flip up for either tea for two or dinner for four! 

Bathroom grating in the aft head. It fits flush to the sides, thus winning a couple of centimeters of headroom

Grating floor in the forward head