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Hallberg-Rassy 36

Sindbad came to us first Autumn 2014/2015  and received initially routine boatmaintenance and winter storage  but as we had the boat in our care the owner (from Gothenburg) expanded his work order to a light package with cosy hidden LED lighting strategically placed to offer warm lighting options throughout the boat. The owner also then wanted us to go over his charging and improved Internet communications for his boats voyage to Scotland. This season 2015/2016 Sindbad leaves us for a year as he wishes to cruise further afield to warmer waters  and a longer season. We have gone over the electrical system, checking the boats safety system including rig and running  rigging and of course routine boat maintenance on the boats hull and engine, drive and steering. We added a battery package and completed a specific custom work order for the journey. Although we will miss Sindbad for a season or two we know S/Y Sindbad will return for more work as the owner is defiantly a part of our extended family and he knows it. ;) ( hurry back Stig!)

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