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Regina Laska HR 46

HR 46 Regina Laska

Improvements for 2018

New engine

Testing a new type of Nano technology gelcoat sealer

Aquadrive antivibration system 

Fixed furling cutter stay

USB-charger in reading lights 

New batteries

New companionway ladder


Adams Boat Care companionway ladder is being glued together by means of numerous very thin pieces of teak for extra strongness. The steps have non slip rubber treads. Built-in dimming LED lighting will lit up the steps during the night.

Lower steering board to stand

on and new teak on cockpit floor

New alternator

New water heater

New propeller

Other upgrades 

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"On 23 September, I left Regina Laska in the good capable hands of Adams Boat Care together with a list comprising no less than 120 points of refit work. This will be her 6th year of boatrefit in the never-ending process of updating, refurbishing and improving an already fantastic boat. At the same time, this is also the 10th anniversary with Adams Boat Care, since, before Regina Laska, I used to keep my HR40 Regina with Carl Adams as well.

10 years of experience with the best people I know to take care of our beautiful Hallberg-Rassy boats!"

Leon Schultz


Read the full exciting story by Leon Schultz about the extensive 6th year’s refit and how it is planned in detail and the thoughts behind. Look also at a lot of informative images.


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