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Adams Boat Care AB is using the unique, high tech and patented, submersible hoist, Sublift, for effective launching and lifting the boats. With the portable wireless control it is easy to transport boats from water to cradle and back. Sublift is operated by a single person making it safe to put a boat on its keel blocks, stands or cradle, without any temporary supports or supportive hands. boatrefit

The Sublift

Sublift is taken out from the storage hall

The Sublift on its way down to the harbor

On the way down to the quay

The Sublift has lifted the Nauticat from the craddle

The boat is resting safely in the arms of the Sublift

The Sublift is ready to go under the water

Almost there

Safely moored

The boat is safely moored and ready for the high seas again

Remote controled sublift

The remote controled Sublift is taken down to a boat by Carl Adams

The Sublift is precisely moved towards the boat

The Sublift is directed precisely towards the boat

The Sublift takes the Nauticat down to the water

The Sublift is taking the boat gently down to the water

The Sublift has taken the Nauticat back to the sea again

Afloat and back to her natural element

The Sublift is taken back to the storage hall

The Sublift is returning to dry land and the storage hall

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