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Why Refit with

Adams Boat Care?


Typical issues are older teak decks, Re varnishing or varnish touch-ups, new skylights and windows, upgrading through-hulls, replacing the standing rigging, upgrading the interior lighting , remodelling the carpentry work, new upholstery or any other technical improvements such as installing electric winches, an electric inmast furling or genoa furling, new navigation equipment or a new electrical system. Some desires are important safety issues, others are to improve the atmosphere and comfort onboard. All desires and issues have their own right to be looked at. Upgrading your boat is an investment, keeping your boat’s value while enjoying many more years of sailing in safety, comfort and style. If you are still in the boat buying process, you might wish to find a neglected, yet strong and undamaged boat with a lot of potential. These days, it is not uncommon to find a Hallberg Rassy for a very attractive price solely because most buyers are afraid of a refit and don’t know whom they should contact to get reliable, professional help. This is what we are here for. We and our decades of experience especially with Hallberg Rassy’s know every nook and cranny and know what is possible to maintain the high quality of these classic cruising boats -striking a perfect balance of a custom yacht to suit your needs and what can still be called a Hallberg Rassy. Of course as shipwright trained by City and Guilds of London in 1979 and building boats in 3 different countries before 1990 and on Orust for the past 25 years, Carl Adams has the experience and knowhow to tackle any boat for refit. Many owners come for one winter and then return for several years, since they like the strategically placed winter yard for exploring the Baltic and Norway before heading south. Many customers live in Europe and have completely fallen in love with the area and see no reason not to return, feeling so comfortable with keeping their boats with us for miniature refits on an annual basis.


Which boat to refit?

If you already have a secondhand boat in mind that you would like to purchase, you might want to take advantage of the experienced help of Adams Boat Care. The team offers the service of helping investigate the boat for you. Key team members are sent to the boat in question to help you to evaluate and estimate what a refit could possibly cost. Some potential buyers have then turned down the boat in question due to too big a project. Others did go ahead and have then trucked or sailed their new investments to Orust in Sweden for a refit by Adams Boat Care.


How is it done?

The team works together as a “cluster” of experts consisting of highly trained carpenters, sail makers, varnishing, electrical and mechanical technicians, teak layers as well as many suppliers that the Orust yards have evaluated as the leading ones in the industry. One of the main ideas is to save as much as possible of your old existing equipment which might well be in very good condition. We definitely don’t want to change anything just for the sake of it! When replacing the teak deck, for instance, it is very often possible to keep the old foot rail and the teak in the cockpit, which might only need some very light sanding. Winches very often work like new after a proper service. The standing rigging certainly needs to be replaced, but possibly not the (expensive) turnbuckles, etc. 




How much can you customize?

When opting for a boatrefit, you have the possibility to greatly customize your boat. In particular, you can choose a better piece of equipment with higher quality than on a standard boat. This increases comfort and safety and will have a positive influence on the value of your boat. For example when choosing an anchor windlass, you can choose between standard Lewmar or an upgraded Lofrans. And, you can even consider crazy things like asking for a sauna in the cockpit, a wine cellar or a glass cabinet! Anything is possible as long as the integrity and safety of the boat is not compromised. Your boat might not become cheaper than a younger secondhand boat, but definitely better. It is after all your own boat with your own personal choices built in by us.


HR-46 Hallberg Rassy

Why a teak deck might leak

A very common cause for teak decks to leak are screws that are screwed from the inside, e.g. to fasten the lower curtain rails. Invisible for the eyes from the outside, it sure did leave some unpleasant marks on inside.
With a vacuum glued deck, water cannot get under the deck any more, which is a great plus for this type of teak decks. If you are planning to redo your teak deck the traditional way, however, we suggest you check these screws and replace these – or move them further down so they don’t stick out under the deck.
If your deck is already leaking, start checking any screws that are screwed into the deck from the inside. Maybe you at least can prevent water to get in by applying a sealant, such as silicone, around the screws. Obviously, just adding silicone or replacing the screw does not stop the actual problem with water having found its way under the teak, but at least it does not get any further entering the inside of the boat.

The new premises of

Adams Boat Care: Vindön

We are now located on Vindön North Orust in the old premises of Regina af Vindön. Fully equipped to take care of everything for your refit We have customers from Germany, Belgium, Poland, UK, Japan, USA, Norway, Sweden, the Mediterranean and even New Zealanders have been or are sailing their boats to Adams Boat Care AB, trusting our highly experienced team to refit their fine yachts.

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