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Adams Boat Care's aluminum hardtop developed especially for the Hallberg Rassy 43, with extra sp

The all-new Adams Aluminum Hardtop for Hallberg Rassy 43. The hardtop has a generous headroom of 159 cm and has stainless steel window frames. It is optional to have a vacuum glued teak roof or not. Unlike a plastic hardtop, it is easier and less costly to later make additions or changes in the aluminium hardtop. All electric cables in the hardtop are invisibly drawn in a cable duct leading straight to the electrical and navigation centre.

The hardtop can also be custom made to fit most similar sailing boats.

The cockpit is first measured with a portable and very accurate 3D coordinate-measuring machine, CMM, allowing for a perfect match with the boat’s own lines and curves. Aluminium plates are then cut out based on the measuring machine’s data and welded together and ground to a smooth and fine surface and finally painted.

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