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Checking your diesel tanks. We have cleaned a number of tanks by now and confirm: There is a good re

After years of sailing, sediment and other contaminations is found in the diesel tank and needs to be removed. In worst case your diesel filters can become clogged up exactly at the wrong time with an catastrophic outcome.

Cleaning your diesel tanks is thus an important part of boats being refitted by Adams Boat Care. For this reason, we have invested in a special diesel pump and diesel tank in order to empty the tank(s). To save fuel, it is thus a good idea to arrive at Adams Boat Care with rather empty tanks, not to loose to much diesel. Of course, you would never put back contaminated diesel, or else the entire work would be in vain.

A hose leading from the boat and its diesel tanks down to the special diesel waste tank.

The diesel is being pumped into this tank and removed from the boat.

The remaining contamination in the tank. Once emptied, you look into a filthy unpleasant mass at the bottom of the tank.

The thoroughly cleaned diesel tank. As the next step, the tanks are being cleaned, and under the owners’ promise always to use an effective biocide while filling up diesel

The cleaned water tank. And while we’re at it, why don’t do the same with the water tanks? Have you looked into your tanks lately? Maybe time to change hoses as well? Adams Boat Care is helping you to judge what needs to be done and what can and should be checked and refurbished.

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