HR46 Shepherd Moon

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Adams Boat Care Custom Hardtop
Adams Boat Care's own designed custom hardtop with glossy stainless steel window frames instead of an aluminum windscreen. Including a sliding glass hatch with a stainless steel frame and a solar panel on the roof. Eqiuipped with built-in instruments, lighting and speakers. All electric cables are invisible drawn in a cable duct leading straight down to the electrical and navigation centre.
Adams Boat Care Custom Hardtop
The new Adams Boatcare Hardtop
Adams Boat Care Hardtop
Adams Boat Care Hardtop with the teak inlay mounted on the sides
New Teakdeck
Bright and cosy inside the hardtop
The B&G instruments fitted
Glossy varnishing & stainless steel
Glossy varnishing and stainless steel makes a shining combo
Protective bars on the dashboard
Protective bars mounted on the dashboard
New cushions, curtains and lighting
New carpets
The new galley
The new sink in durable Corian in the new galley
New matrasses
New engine
New Lithium Battery Control Centre
New Lithium Battery Control Centre in the forepeak
The new battery charger
The new battery charger in the forepeak
New moose leather
New moose leather on the stearing wheel
Adams Boat Care AB
Adams Boat Care AB
Visa mer
New carpets