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The Crayfish Party

We at Adams Boat Care AB, Carl, Anna and the Team, wish to have as personal and open attitude as possible towards our customers. When we moved in at our new premises at Vindön we therefore decided to invite our customers on a huge crayfish party in order to get to know each other better.

A crayfish party is an annual event in most Swedish families since decades. As many of our customers come from abroad we thought that it could be fun and interesting for those guys to try a little bit of Swedish tradition. The party became a great success and many asked for repeat next year. We were very proud of welcoming so many people coming with their boats far away and one even all the way from New Zeeland on Mahina Tiare, HR46,

Artur on Blue Daisy, HR46, from Poland was kind enough to contribute with his famous Hunter’s Stew. Artur’s captain of the seven seas, Ziemowit Barański ordered his crew to regularly stir the stew for best possible taste. Yum-yum.

The marina with some of the visiting boats that have already arrived

Old and new customers discussing already refitted boats and giving advice on boats yet to get a face lift by Adams Boat Care.

It literally turned into a boat show, where boat owners could get inspired by each other’s solutions and new customers could witness what can be done when buying a classic well-build boat and getting it refitted. There was no little admiration for the splendid work done by Adams Boat Care.

Before the party Carl showed around in the new premises

The carpentry where complete boats can be made

The visitors were very enthusiastic and engaged

Now in the headquarter, the office

The Beach Bar was well equipped

Tobbe, the bartender of the evening, Anna’s daughter’s boyfriend standing by

One of the halls was turned into a party lounge. Soon this hall, as well as the others, will be filled by boats, both refit boats and pure winter storage.

The tables are laid and the party can begin

Anna and Artur are probably discussing not only boat matters

The crayfishes and important supplements are ready for consumption

Artur, Blue Daisy, is serving the delicious Polish dish, The Hunter’s Stew. 14 ingredients!

A truly international gathering with participants from Sweden, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, U.S.A. and New Zeeland

Carl shows John Neal, Mahina Tiare, how to best peel a crayfish

Agne i Bro, Plastic Polish, his wife and Christer, Chief Engineer, enjoy sitting close to the schnaps and beers

Great atmosphere at the tables

The party is ended and luckily it was not far from home and a nice rest, while the autumn darkness was rolling in

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